I've spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I've just wasted.
Author Unknown


Your mind remembers the "oneness"; the lightness of the horse in hand, as horse and rider dance effortlessly across field or arena. You dream of the thrill of the run, secure in your ability and that of the horse. Your spirit soars.....

For the returning rider, however,  the reality is a bit different. You find that your center of gravity has shifted a bit, and you can't quite remember how all those straps fit together. As a teenager, you could grab a handful of mane and swing up on the bare back like a gymnast; now you find that getting your foot up high enough to get a toe into the stirrup requires the assistance of a few weight-lifter buddies. All of which provides an endless source of amusement for the rodeo alumni a few stalls over. Between the ridicule and the aching knees, your spirit soon takes a nose-dive into the muck bucket. It is no better for the beginner,often a child, who must deal with peer expectations, fear, and so much information that the riding lessons begin to resemble the S.A.T. exam.


The Hayes's just wanted a few gentle horses. Derek and Loretta were returning riders, and were looking for a family activity to enjoy with their sons.
But soon a four-horse herd had grown to 30, and a hobby had morphed into a mission: 
To provide a place where the uninitiated can be comfortable and just enjoy horses. 
No pressure
No embarrassment
  Just fun

And Hayes E Daze was born...

The true definition of success is to be able to make a living doing something that you would be willing to pay to do. We look forward to defining our success enjoying  a peaceful trail with old friends and new.
So, come ride with us!

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